Used Lenovo Rackmount Servers

Lenovo Rackmount Servers can help your business's needs, big or small. Whether you need a 1U, 2U, or 4U model, Alta is always the go-to for all Lenovo server needs! 

In addition to providing top industrial-grade component parts such as RAMs, processors, and hard drives, our rackmounts are completely tested by our highly-trained technicians. Alta Tech guarantees some of the highest quality and reliability, with an extended warranty to give you that extra piece of mind. 

Request a quote today on a complete system or part, or custom configure your own Lenovo server online within minutes. We are also always looking to buy your excess used Lenovo servers, just call and ask for one of our Lenovo Product Managers at 800-546-2582. 

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Refurbished Lenovo Rackmount Servers

In addition to complete Lenovo rackmount systems, custom configurations and attached data storage - we carry a wide range of parts for Lenovo 1U, 2U and 4U servers, such as processors (CPUs - Intel & AMD x86 procs), hard drives (SSDs, SATA), memory/RAM, expansion cards such as network adapters, and much more.

New vs Used Lenovo Server Equipment

Alta Tech does carry some discount new overstock Lenovo servers, but where we really shine is offering "good as new" refurbished and used Lenovo rackmount server equipment.

Our clients are able to deliver on projects under budget and/or get more compute power for their dollar, by sourcing used equipment and saving multiples over new Lenovo. Over 50% of our retail buyers put their equipment right into production, because they trust the reliability and thorough testing that Alta dedicates to our refurbished Lenovo rackmount servers.

Discount Lenovo ThinkSystems, fully guaranteed, with great Alta customer support and warranty? And with over 1.3 million systems and features in stock, we can ship it today. There's a reason our clients consider Alta Tech the #1 reseller of used Lenovo rackmount servers in the world.

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Since 1995, we've poured all of our efforts into delivering products that match our client's expectations and exceeds their price savings target.

With our huge inventory and industry-leading engineers, customers tell us they trust Alta for our reliability, custom configurations, parts responsiveness, lightning fast delivery and savings to boot.

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