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Alta Tech buys & sells new, used, and refurbished servers - over 1 million products in stock!

Sell Us Your Servers, Networking & Storage

Alta pays cash for your excess used server equipment, either for purchase or trade-in. Our network of thousands of buyers allows us to offer top dollar for your data center equipment.

We also offer full ITAD services including data erasure certificates and chain of custody.

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Used Servers for Sale

Fully-tested servers from all major brands and even some ODM and white box servers like Super Micro, Wistron, Quanta and more.

Since 1995, Alta Technologies has been refurbishing everything from Unix servers to x86 systems and blade servers. We will also buy back your new, used and refurbished servers, attached storage and networking equipment, too!

Clients depend on Alta to supply reliable equipment that just works. Whether you need a fully configured used Dell or HP server or just an upgrade for an IBM or Sun server, or anything in between, we probably have it in stock, ready to ship!

All used server equipment is fully tested, both when it arrives and then again when it ships out. That's why our failure rates lead the industry and a reason that maintenance companies count on Alta Technologies to full their used servers and parts depots to back up their contracts.

Please get in touch today to find out how much you can save... and maybe more importantly, how quickly you can get our gear (um, like tomorrow). In these times of supply chain shortages, the demand for used servers for sale have gone up.

With over 1 million servers and components IN STOCK, we can deliver high quality, fully tested server, storage and networking hardware today.

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