Refurbished Lenovo Servers

Here, at Alta Technologies, we’re always looking to sell and purchase gear. Our Lenovo product managers are incredibly knowledgeable and offer competitive pricing.

We also have an experienced crew of technicians that handle Lenovo ThinkServers and ThinkSystems, you can rest assured that all the gear leaving our facility is fully tested and functional- whether it is full server builds, upgrades, or even parts, we can help!

Alta Technologies offers a 1-year warranty on full configurations.  Request a quote today or call and ask one of our Lenovo Product Managers at 800-546-2582 to get a quote within the hour.

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Refurbished Lenovo Servers for Sale

In addition to complete systems, custom configurations and attached data storage - we carry a wide range of parts for Lenovo servers, such as processors (CPUs), hard drives (SSDs, SATA), memory/RAM, network adapters, and much more.

Alta understand that upgrading your server hardware can be a daunting task for some - that's why we offer post-sale support to help you with any upgrade. We can help with everything from system configuration in advance of the sale to ongoing maintenance and support.

Have excess used Lenovo Server equipment lying around or coming out of production? Alta will buy your excess server and storage equipment for cash purchase or trade-in. Send us your list today to get started.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Alta Technologies maintain the integrity of refurbished Lenovo servers?

Every Lenovo server that comes to Alta Technologies is treated with utmost precision. Our skilled technicians meticulously inspect, clean, and refurbish each unit, with stringent standards. We buy from existing environments, where the vast majority of equipment has been in climate-controlled and well-maintained environments. By integrating original parts and conducting comprehensive system tests, we guarantee optimal performance and longevity.

Are there any savings benefits with choosing refurbished Lenovo servers from Alta?

Certainly! Choosing our refurbished Lenovo servers can lead to significant cost savings, often ranging from 40-90% compared to new equipment. Not only do you benefit from reduced initial expenses, but you also get a product that has been rigorously tested and certified by our experts, ensuring value for your investment.

Do you provide any assurance of authenticity for your Lenovo servers?

Yes, we do. At Alta Technologies, we source our equipment from reputable corporate environments and colocation sites via decommissioning and ITAD services. Every Lenovo server we offer is verified for authenticity, ensuring our customers receive genuine products that they can trust for reliability and performance.

How does choosing refurbished Lenovo servers support sustainability goals?

By opting for refurbished Lenovo servers, you're actively participating in the circular economy. These servers have been given a second life, reducing electronic waste and conserving resources. As organizations begin to measure scope 3 emissions (downstream and upstream), life extension and reuse become tantamount. At Alta, we're passionate about promoting sustainability, and by choosing our refurbished products, you're making an eco-friendly decision that also benefits your bottom line.

Are Refurbished Lenovo Servers Good?

Yes, refurbished Lenovo servers are a reliable choice. When sourced from reputable providers like us, they undergo rigorous testing and refurbishment to meet original specifications. This ensures high performance and reliability at a fraction of the cost of new servers. Additionally, they offer an eco-friendly alternative by extending the hardware's lifecycle.

Is Lenovo a Good Server?

Yes, Lenovo servers are renowned for their reliability, performance, and innovative features. They cater to a range of business needs, from small enterprises to large data centers. With a strong reputation for quality and durability, Lenovo servers are a trusted choice among IT professionals globally. I have personally been impressed with their ease of use and durability.

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Since 1995, we've poured all of our efforts into delivering products that match our client's expectations and exceeds their price savings target.

With our huge inventory and industry-leading engineers, customers tell us they trust Alta for our reliability, custom configurations, parts responsiveness, lightning fast delivery and savings to boot.

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