HP Integrity rx5670 Server

Alta Technologies buys & sells new, used, and refurbished HP Integrity rx5670 servers and upgrades. Whether you need a fully configured HP-UX server, or simply require a feature or upgrade kit, we carry inventory on the used HP Rx5670 unix systems hardware.

We also buy your excess HPE Integrity server equipment.

HP rx5670 Information

With 1-4 Intel Itanium 2 processors, the HP Integrity rx5670 Server increases price/performance in enterprise HP-UX, Linux, or Windows environments. The HP Integrity rx5670 gives technical computing users the ability to run more simulations, do more in-depth analysis, run complicated models faster, and generate high-quality graphics with optimum performance. The HP Integrity rx5670 is commonly used in cluster configurations to further enhance its power and capabilities. Closely matching the rx4640 system architecture, the rx5670 is based on HP’s zx1 Itanium chipset.

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HP rx5670 Specifications

Performance/ scalability/ flexibility:

1 to 4 Intel Itanium 2 processors clock frequency

Clock frequency: 1.3 GHz or 1.5 GHz

System bus bandwidth: 6.4 GB/s 

Cache (on-chip):

Level 1 cache: 32 KB

Level 2 cache: 256 KB

Level 3 cache: 6MB @ 1.5 GHz, 3MB @ 1.3 GHz

Main memory:

Bus bandwidth: 12.8 GB/s

RAM Type: PC2100 ECC registered DDR266A SDRAM

Capacity: 96 GB Max

Memory slots: 48 DIMM slots on two 24 slot extenders

Internal storage devices:

Internal hard disk drive bays: 4

Ultra320 SCSI: 36 GB, 73 GB, and 146 GB drives available

Removable media: 1 open bay for DVD-ROM or DDS

Maximum internal storage: 584 GB (4x146 GB)

Power supply: Max output: 930 W per supply

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