HP Integrity rx3600 Server

Alta Technologies buys & sells new, used, and refurbished HP Integrity rx3600 servers and upgrades. Whether you need a fully configured HP-UX server, or simply require a feature or upgrade kit, we carry inventory on the used HP Rx3600 Unix systems hardware.

We also buy your excess HPE Integrity server equipment.

HP rx3600 Information

For demanding application and database workloads, the HP Integrity rx3600 Server is a strong entry-class workhorse. This next-generation Integrity server has a new architecture that provides greatly increased computational capabilities while also providing a high return on investment in your IT. With the Integrity rx3600 Server, you have the flexibility to deploy a high-performing standalone, clustered or distributed computing model. For example, you can place one server in each of your branch offices and manage every one of them remotely.

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HP rx3600 Specifications

Processor Configuration: The HP Integrity rx3600 is a symmetrical multiprocessing (SMP) server supporting up to two high performance 64 bit dual core Intel Itanium processors. The dual core Intel Itanium processor supports hyper threading. Each core of the processor supports two threads.

Processor board:

Processor cores: 2-4

Chipset: HP zx2

System bus bandwidth: 8.5 GB/s

Dual-core processor modules:

Dual core Intel Itanium 2 processors:

1.66 GHz with 18 MB Level 3 Cache, 9 MB per core 9140M processor

1.42 GHz with 12 MB Level 3 Cache, 6 MB per core 9120N processor

All processors support:

Level 1 Cache: 32 KB

Level 2 Cache: 1 MB Instruction/256 KB Data per core

Level 3 cache: 12 MB per processor at 1.42 GHz; 18 MB per processor at 1.66 GHz

Four threads (two threads per core)

Single bit cache error correction

50 bit physical addressing

64 bit virtual addressing

4 GB maximum page size

Power requirements:

Maximum input current: 15 A @ 100 VAC

Line frequency: 50–60 Hz

Maximum AC power input: 1,194 W

Power supply: Maximum output 1200 W


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