HP Integrity rx2800 i6, i4 and i2 Server Models

Alta Technologies buys & sells new, used, and refurbished HP Integrity rx2800 servers and upgrades. Whether you need a fully configured HP-UX server, or simply require a feature or upgrade kit, we carry inventory on the used HP Rx2800 unix systems hardware.

We also buy your excess HPE Integrity server equipment.

HP rx2800 i6, i4 and i2 Information

HPE Release Sets are supported firmware combinations for HPE Integrity rx2800 i2, i4, and i6 servers, as well as select server components. The HPE firmware installation tool SUM supports Integrity rx2800 i2, i4, and i6 system firmware updates (Smart Update Manager).

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HP rx2800 i6, i4 and i2 Specifications


One or two Intel® Itanium® 9700 series processors:

2.66 GHz eight-core 32 MB cache (170W)

2.13 GHz eight-core 24 MB cache (170W)

2.53 GHz quad-core 32 MB cache (170W)

1.73 GHz quad-core 20 MB cache (130W


RAM type: Supports up to 24 Double Data Rate 3 (DDR3) DIMMs

Capacity: 8 GB, 16 GB

Minimum memory is 16GB (2 x 8 GB DIMMs) with a single CPU

Maximum memory is 384 GB (24 x 16 GB DIMMs) with two CPUs


One to eight hot-plug SAS hard drives

Maximum storage: 9.6 TB


Four GigE LAN ports

PCI slots:

 I/O riser options:

One full height / length PCIe x8 and two low profile PCIe x 4 slots

One full height / length PCIe x8 and one low profile PCIe x 8 slots

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