Cisco UCS X9508 Blade Server Chassis

Alta Technologies buys & sells new, refurbished, and used Cisco X9508 UCS Blade Server Chassis, as well as fully populated blade server solutions. Whether you need just a base (CTO) blade chassis or a custom configuration with controllers and loaded blade modules, we carry a broad array of Used Cisco UCS Blade Server equipment and staff the engineers & product experts to help.

Alta is also a buyer of your excess new & used Cisco UCS blade server equipment for cash or trade.

Cisco UCS X9508 Information

The Cisco UCS X9508 Blade Server Chassis is an innovative modular system that is highly adaptable and designed to be future-ready. It is a standard, 7 rack unit, open system with up to 8 flexible slots. It enables you to house a combination of compute nodes and a pool of current and future I/O resources, including   GPU accelerators, disk storage, and nonvolatile memory. 

The UCS X9508 Chassis is designed to work with the enterprise’s cloud environment to provide faster deployment and automation. The X9508 adapts to your future needs and evolves with new technological developments. 

Benefits of Cisco UCS X9508 Blade Server Chassis:

  • Cloud-operated infrastructure
  • An adaptable system designed for modern applications
  • A system engineered for the future
  • Support a broader range of workloads

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Cisco UCS X9508 Specifications

Brand & Product Line: Cisco UCS Modular System

Server Type: Blade Server Chassis

Form Factor: 7 Rackmount Unit

Dimensions (HxWxD): 30.6 cm x 44.6 cm x 88.4 cm

Fully Populated Chassis Weight:  Aprox 400 lb (163.29 kg) 

Compute Node Slots: 8 full-width slots

Intelligent Fabric Modules (IFMs):  2 x Cisco UCS 9108 Intelligent Fabric Module + 8x 25G SFP28 ports

X-Fabric Module Slots: 2x Cisco UCS X-Fabric module rear blank slots (for future expansion)

Fan Modules:  4 x 100mm hot-swappable dual rotor fans 

Power Supply Bays: 6 bays

Power Supplies: 2800 W Titanium certified

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