Cisco UCS Mini Blade Server Chassis

Alta Technologies buys & sells new, refurbished, and used Cisco Mini UCS Blade Server Chassis (UCS-SP-MINI-RF), as well as fully populated blade server solutions. Whether you need just a base (CTO) mini blade chassis, or a custom configuration with controllers and loaded blade modules, we carry a broad array of Used Cisco UCS Blade Server equipment and staff the engineers & product experts to help.

Alta is also a buyer of your excess new & used Cisco UCS blade systems for cash or trade.

Cisco UCS Mini Information

The Cisco UCS Mini Blade Server Chassis is an incredible 6-rack unit blade server chassis that is a great solution for space restricted data centers. Optimized for smaller IT environments, remote or brach offices, and point of sale locations, the UCS mini blade server chassis is an ideal solution. 

For customers who wish to enjoy comprehensive management capabilities of Cisco UCS Manager even with space restrictions, the Cisco UCS Mini Blade Server Chassis is an excellent choice. with the UCS Mini Blade Server Chassis, you can enjoy server combinations, storage and 10 GB networking all in an easy-to-deploy, compact form factor.

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Cisco UCS Mini Specifications

Brand & Product Line: Cisco UCS Mini Chassis

Server Type: Blade Server Chassis

Form Factor: 6 Rackmount Unit

Dimensions (HxWxD): 26.7 cm x 44.5 cm x 81.2 cm

Fully Populated Chassis Weight:  255 lbs (115.66 kg) 

Compute Node Slots: 8x half-width slots

IO Slots: 2 (for FIs or FEXs)

Fabric Extenders:  2408, 2208XP, 2204XP, and 2304XP compatibility
 Fabric Interconnects Slots: 2

Fabric Interconnects Slots (In-chassis):  Cisco UCS 6324 compatibility

Fan Modules:  8 hot-swappable fan modules 

Power Supply Bays: 4 bays

Power Supplies:  Power Supplies supporting N, N+1 and N+N Grid redundancy

Backplane: 1.2 TB of aggregate throughput; supports 10BASE-KR connections for 8 blades


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