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What if the crucial IT hardware your business needs for compute, storage and networking could be acquired for a fraction of the price, yet be even more reliable than brand new?

Patrick Wenning asked that question in 1995, when he founded Alta Technologies, growing the team into the leading provider of used Servers, Networking & Data Storage hardware.

For over 27 years, Alta Tech has led with an engineering-first approach, backing each of their millions of server, switches & storage devices sold.

Alta began as a wholesale-focused channel provider, before growing into the leading provider of enterprise IT equipment in North America, now supply resellers and direct clients alike.

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Wholesale Distribution Leaders

Alta Technologies is a distributor to thousands of IT hardware resellers and maintenance companies, allowing them the ability to offer their clients reliable refurb for less. Through our resale networks, hundreds of millions of dollars in data center equipment has reached end-user clients around the world, from Fortune 100 companies to startups and small businesses.

Our resellers tell us that they choose Alta first due to our testing and reliability (our failure rate is below a half of one percent), the fact that we have everything - almost 1.5 million products IN STOCK, our ability to ship on a dime, not to mention on nights and weekends.


Expansion with New Leadership

Building on the rock-solid foundation established by the Wennings, a new leadership team was assembled, allowing Patrick to step back from the day-to-day operation of the business.

This team is driving Alta's growth in resale, channel, wholesale and beyond, following opportunities in ecommerce and inbound end-user, cloud and hyperscale environments worldwide.

Core Leadership:

> Meet our Product Managers

Visit the link above to contact any of our product managers, leading their product verticals at Alta. These market leaders manage our wholesale networks and supply. They partner with our internal teams Alta: end-user sales teams, ecommerce, logistics staff, and technicians, to drive each of their individual markets forward.

Core Values:

The market also recognizes that Alta aims to uphold our values in everything we do. We stand by our word in bids, quotes and guarantees. We pride ourselves on responsiveness and a commitment to delivering "lightning fast" solutions. Alta strives to present a consistent experience to our customers, as "one team".

In keeping to our core values, we believe that we can deliver an Exceptional Experience To Everyone, which includes our employees, our customers and our carriers that help deliver our products.

Supply Chain Challenges as a Catalyst for Growth:

IT supply chain challenges of the 2020s set many of our clients and prospects back on their project deadlines. What do you do if you need a system or replacement part and the manufacturers have none available?

You look to alternatives, like used or new overstock suppliers. Customers of all types, from individual users to data centers to service companies flocked to us in droves during this period, expanding our client base.

eCommerce & Direct Sales

While our wholesale networks remain as strong as ever, and serve as the bedrock of our organization, we continue to expand on our online sales. Customers know that our website only displays a tiny fraction of our inventory, so they reach out directly to our team as well.

Did you know that over half of all used IT equipment is installed directly into production environments? The remaining percentage of equipment goes towards test, development, spare parts stock and various other uses. When you choose great vendors, you can count on your enterprise IT equipment to just work.

Alta's engineering, logistics and service teams continue to grow, in order to ship out north of 200 orders each day.

Equipment Buy-Back & ITAD

Our equipment is purchased from users like yourself, great equipment that has been kept under maintenance and is optimal for a new home. We source from datacenter refreshes, end-of-lease takeouts, liquidations, ITAD / recycling companies, and individual user upgrades.

Complete data erasure services is offered on all equipment purchases, wiping disk to NIST standards for our customers' peace of mind.

Alta Tech can offer top dollar for your systems and features, for cash purchase or trade-in, due to our enormous network of buyers looking for hardware.

Whether you need a quote on an upgrade or system, or have equipment to sell to us (or both!), please get in touch today.

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What our customers say about us
Customer-Focused IT Hardware

Since 1995, we've poured all of our efforts into delivering products that match our client's expectations and exceeds their price savings target.

With our huge inventory and industry-leading engineers, customers tell us they trust Alta for our reliability, custom configurations, parts responsiveness, lightning fast delivery and savings to boot.

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Huge Inventory

"Aisles and aisles of servers & IT equipment. Experts at what they do."

- Ryan W.
“Great Products"

"Joe always helps me out and goes out of his way!"

- Kevin J.

Excellent company to work with.

-Jeremy S.
Ship today

Global Logistics and an IN-STOCK inventory allow us to ship your systems, switches or parts Today! 24/7 Emergency Parts Available for pickup as well.

Save 30-80%

Not only reliable, but with discounts up to 80% off of new, we have thousands of satisfied clients worldwide. Meet your IT project needs for less.

Trade-Ins & Equipment Buy-Back

We buy back your excess IT equipment for cash offer or trade, providing full data erasure services.

Since 1995

Our product experts know servers, storage and networking equipment, delivering decades of experience in IT hardware.