Cisco UCS C220 M3 Rackmount Server

Alta Technologies buys & sells new, used, and refurbished Cisco UCS C220 M3 Rack Servers as well as features and upgrades. Whether you need a fully configured Cisco UCS 1U rackmount server or simply need to add memory, disk expansion cards, or other features, we carry a broad array of Used Cisco UCS C220 M3 server hardware. 

We also buy back your excess new & used Cisco blade & rackmount server equipment for cash or trade.

Cisco UCS C220 M3 Information

The Cisco UCS C220 M3 is an impressive 1-unit rackmount server known to deliver exceptional performance in a compact structure. The Cisco UCS C220 M3 server offers industry-leading performance and density for a broad array of enterprise workloads ranging from web-serving to distributed databases. This brilliant server is engineered with innovative specifications, including Intel Xeon processors, massive storage and memory, an impressive motherboard, and more to deliver outstanding performance and efficiency gains. 

  • General purpose, suitable for nearly all 2-socket applications
  • Unique Cisco UCS Virtual Interface Card 1225: 2 x 10GE PCIe that can support up to 256 PCIe virtual interfaces.
  • Exceptional building block and entry point for the Cisco Unified Computing System
  • Cisco continually innovates in server technology and in all levels of the Cisco Unified Computing System

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Cisco UCS C220 M3 Specifications

Brand & Product Line: Cisco UCS C-series 

Server Type: Rackmount Servers

Form Factor: 1 Unit Slim Rack Form

Processors: Up to 2 Intel Xeon E5-2600 (v2) proccessors

Memory: 16 DIMM Slots ( 512 GB of RAM)

Drives: Up to 4 or 8 Drive Slots (SAS/SATA/SSD drives)

PCIe Slots: 2x PCIe Gen 3.0 slots + 2x 1GE LAN interfaces

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