Cisco Meraki MS450 Switches

The Meraki MS450 is a true game-changer for modern networks. With its advanced capabilities and cloud-based management, the MS450 offers a scalable, secure, and efficient solution that elevates network performance to new levels. Designed with the most demanding environments in mind, the MS450 delivers fast, reliable connectivity and exceptional network speed with its 10 Gbps SFP+ uplinks and multi-gigabit Ethernet ports.

The switch is also equipped with advanced features such as stacking and link aggregation, making it the ideal choice for organizations looking to create high-performing network infrastructure.  One of the most significant advantages of the Meraki MS450 switch is its cloud-based management. The Meraki cloud provides a centralized platform for network administrators to monitor, manage, and configure the switch from anywhere, anytime, freeing them from the constraints of being physically on-site. With a simple and intuitive interface, administrators can quickly and easily configure the switch, track network performance, and resolve issues from a single, unified dashboard. 

At Alta Tech, we understand the importance of having a network infrastructure that is fast, reliable, and easy to manage. That's why we're excited to offer the Meraki MS450 switch, a powerful solution that sets a new standard for network performance and management. Whether you're a large enterprise or a growing business, the MS450 switch is the ideal choice for organizations looking to simplify their network infrastructure and improve their network performance.

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Cisco Meraki MS450 Switches Information:

The aggregation layer now has strong high-bandwidth switching thanks to the Cisco Meraki MS450. The 40G fiber aggregation switch embraces cloud advantages such as streamlined management, less complexity, and network-wide visibility. Meraki's centralized management provides administrators with fine-grained network insight. The dashboard's thorough event and change logs assist you in keeping track of any configuration modification made to your network.

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Cisco Meraki MS450 Switches Specifications:

  • Connect up to 12 MS355s for high-bandwidth aggregation layer switching 

  • Connect to core or data center switches with 2 x 100G QSFP28 uplinks 

  • Stack up to eight switches for high-availability deployments 

  • Dual stacking interfaces with up to 400 Gbps of bandwidth

  • Non-blocking switch backplane with up to 1.36 Tbps of switching capacity 

  • Support for the field replaceable, redundant power supplies

  • Usage: 1G fiber aggregation

  • Interface: 12x 40 GbE QSFP+

  • Uplinks: 2x 100 GbE QSFP28

  • Power configuration: Modular Redundant PSU optional (sold separately)

  • Stacking capabilities: Front-port 160G + virtual 

  • Routing capabilities: Static + dynamic, DHCP server + relay, Warm spare (VRRP)

  • Models: MS450-12-HW

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