Cisco UCS C890 M5 7U Rackmount Server

Alta Technologies buys & sells new, refurbished, and used Cisco c890 M5 UCS 7U Rackmount Servers, and upgrades. Whether you need a fully configured Cisco UCS rackmount server or an individual feature, upgrade, or part, we carry a broad array of Used Cisco UCS C890 M5 Server hardware. 

Alta is also a buyer of your excess used Cisco server equipment for cash or trade.

Cisco UCS C890 M5 Information

The Cisco UCS C890 M5 Rack Server is an excellent match for many enterprise workloads. Designed in a compact, 7U form factor, the UCS C890 M5 server provides best-in-industry management costs for workloads with high reliability and intensive compute operations. When it comes to mission-critical workload SAPS/4 HANA, BW/4 HANA, Epic Caché databases, and other massive virtualization effort consolidation, the C890 M5 rack server meets every requirement. Fueled by the Intel Xeon Platinum processors, the performance level of the UCS C890 M5 server is quite impressive!

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Cisco UCS C890 M5 Specifications

Brand & Product Line: Cisco UCS C-series 

Server Type: Rackmount Servers

Form Factor: 7 Unit Rack 

Processors: Up to 8 Intel Xeon (8268, 8276, 8280L) processors

Memory: 96 DIMM Slots (Fully expandable up to 256 GB DDR4)

Drives: 16x SAS drives (Hot-swappable) + 8x 2.5” SAS drives (internal) 

Storage Controller: 2x 12 Gbps MegaRaid SAS controller

Power Supply Unit: 5x 1600-watt N+2 redundant PSU

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