Cisco UCS B230 M1 Blade Server

Alta Technologies buys & sells new, used and refurbished Cisco B230 M1 UCS Blade Servers, Cisco server blade modules, and upgrades. Whether you need a fully configured Cisco UCS blade chassis or simply require a single blade module, feature, or part, we carry a broad array of Used Cisco UCS B230 M1 (and M2) hardware.

Alta will also buy back your excess new & used Cisco server equipment for cash or trade.

Cisco UCS B230 M1 Informations

The Cisco UCS B230 M1 is a dual-socket Blade Server designed to meet your most demanding workload requirements. The B230 M1 is a half-width form factor server powered by the latest Intel Xeon 6500 or 7500 processors to deliver exceptional performance. The UCS B230 features 32 DIMM slots, 2 SSD drive slots, and one mezzanine slot when it comes to memory and storage. The Cisco UCS Blade B230 M1 Server packs all the innovative and efficient features in one compact unit resulting in outstanding performance.

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Cisco UCS B230 M1 Blade Server Specifications

Brand & Product Line: Cisco UCS B-series 

Server Type: Blade Servers

Form Factor: Half-width Blade 

Processors: Up to 2 Intel Xeon 7500 or 6500 Series Processors

Memory: 32 DIMM Slots ( Fully expandable up to 256 GB)

Drives: Up to 2 hot-swappable (SSDs drive/blade)

Mezzanine Adaptor: 1 slot


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