HP Proliant BLc7000 Enclosure

Alta Technologies buys & sells new, used, and refurbished HP BLc7000 Blade Server Enclosures and upgrades. Whether you need a fully configured blade system or simply require a feature or blade, we carry the Used HP BLc7000 Enclosures and related blades and features. We also buy your excess HPE blade server equipment.

HP Proliant BLc7000 Information

With brilliant functions and outstanding benefits, the BladeSystem c7000 enclosure is an excellent enterprise server. It can hold up to 16 servers and/or storage blades combined with redundant storage & network switches. The c7000 provides wire-once connectivity of server blades. It came with a shared, multi-terabit High-Speed Mid-plane for better network and shared storage. When you rely on BladeSystem c7000, you enjoy the total capacity of redundant Hot-Plug power supplies for all blades due to the pooled power backplane. Hence, no doubt that the HP BladeSystem c7000 is a brilliant investment in your data centers. 

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HP Proliant BLc7000 Enclosure Specifications

Brand & Product Line: HPE ProLiant

Server Type: Blade Servers

Form Factor RU: 10U Blade Center Enclosure

Modules: UP to 16x half height blade modules
                   Up to 8x full height blade modules
                   (note: BL460c blade servers are not compatible with this enclosure)

HP BLc7000 Enclosure also includes:
           - Ten Active Cooling Fans
           - Six 2400W Power Supplies
              (PSU requires 200-240v)
            - Power Cord   

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