Don't Overpay - Alta’s Used HP Blade Servers Deliver Power With Quality

Enter the world of used HP blade servers with Alta, where top-tier performance meets unbeatable value.

Since 1995, Alta Technologies has helped businesses save up to 90% on quality refurbished HP blade servers backed by our warranty and expert support. Our rigorous testing methods and quality standards result in enterprise-grade performance and longevity.

Customize your blade server infrastructure fast with our expansive in-stock inventory. Whether you need individual server nodes, chassis units, controllers or parts, we quickly fulfill even complex HP configurations.

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Turn excess HPE equipment into cash. Alta will buy your excess server and storage equipment for cash purchase or trade-in.

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Why Industry Leaders Rely on Alta for Refurbished HP Blade Servers

With over 25 years of perfecting IT refurbishment, customers trust us to deliver the savings, reliability, and service they need. Our flexible solutions empower future growth while respecting budgets.

Eliminate long lead times and massive price tags. Our refurbished HP blade inventory allows affordable scalability to support growing computing demands. You still get the uptime, speed, and functionality HP is renowned for.

With Alta, It's not just about savings; it's about maximizing value for every dollar spent.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are blade servers still used?

Absolutely! With their compact design, Blade servers are especially favored in data centers where space optimization is crucial. I love the density that blades offer for our clients, along with the flexibility available to scale.

How deep is a blade server?

Blade servers are designed for space efficiency within a vertical rack unit, but the depth varies. Blade servers can be as deep as the server rack, or longer for custom rack environments, but may also not extend the full length. A common depth of an HPE blade server is 30 inches.

Can you run a blade server without a chassis?

No, blade servers require a chassis to provide power, cooling, and network connectivity to the installed blades. Blade servers are not run freestanding without a chassis. I'm confident some of you could hack a homemade solution, but it certainly isn't best practice!

Get high-performance HP blade servers on a budget. Our inventory of used equipment allows fast shipping to keep projects on schedule. Request a quote today.

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Since 1995, we've poured all of our efforts into delivering products that match our client's expectations and exceeds their price savings target.

With our huge inventory and industry-leading engineers, customers tell us they trust Alta for our reliability, custom configurations, parts responsiveness, lightning fast delivery and savings to boot.

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"Aisles and aisles of servers & IT equipment. Experts at what they do."

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Excellent Company to work with.

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Joe always helps me out and goes out of his way! Great Products

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