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EMC 005050333 600GB 10K SAS 2.5 6G HDD 51/52/53

EMC 005050333 600GB 10K SAS 2.5 6G HDD 51/52/53

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Alta buys from premium sources of maintained corporate IT hardware, but what really enables our miniscule failure rate is the fact we test everything upon receipt, and again on the way out the door.

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Every item contains at least a 90-day warranty. Please see description below for an exact warranty term.

Alta Tech stands behind our products, offering tech support, as well as replacement products when needed, or a refund for return.

EMC 005050333 600GB 10K SAS 2.5 6G HDD 51/52/53 Hard Disc Drive2.5 tray = EMC DRIVE PN118033213-02 HUC109060CSS600 pfw=A380 efw=C600V3-2S10-600 (N3-2S10-600)005049250 005049294 005049203 005049820 005050282 005050285 005049804 005049805 005050344 005050345 005050334 005050333 005050700 005050211 005050703 005050214 005051466 005051465 005051460 005051459 005051956 005051955 005052300 005052299 005052958 005052957V4-2S10-600 N4-2S10-600 25-disk005049203 005049820 005050285 005050282 005049804 005050344 005050700 005050703 005050211 005050214 005051466 005051465 005051460 005051459 005051956 005051955 005052300 005052299 005052958 005052957 V6-2S10-600 (N6-2S10-600)005050700 005050211 005049804 005050344 005051466 005051465 005051956 005051955 005052300 005052299 005052958 005052957 005050936 005050935 005050847 005050846V2-2S10-600 / V3-2S10-600E005049820 005049203 005050285 005049804 005049805 005050344 005050345 005050700 005050211 005050703 005050214 005051956 005051955 005050282 005052958 005052957VNX5100/52/53

Product Specifications:
Brand: EMC
Part Number: 005050333
Condition: Used

All equipment is guaranteed eligible for existing OEM or 3rd party maintenance plans. The Used EMC 005050333 from Alta Technologies comes with a standard 90 days warranty from Alta, with extended maintenance plans available for purchase. All EMC Disk Drives hardware is fully tested and ready to ship. Stock images may be used on some products, so please ask us for exact photos, if required.

Bulk discounts are available, so please contact us for a custom quote.

Vadim Nevelskiy leads our EMC product team, and with over 1.3 million systems and parts in stock, our online listings represent just a fraction of our inventory on hand. Contact Vadim Nevelskiy for more information today:

Desk Phone: 763.475.5327

We also buy back your excess EMC Storage for cash or trade-in.
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All equipment is supported by Alta warranty and is guaranteed eligible to be covered by maintenance, or we'll take it back! (unless marked "as-is")

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