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Dell SNPMGY5TC/16GB Dell SNPMGY5TC/16GB 16GB PC3L-10600R DDR3-1333 2Rx4 ECC Memory HMT42GR7MFR4A-H9

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Quality in Testing

Alta buys from premium sources of maintained corporate IT hardware, but what really enables our miniscule failure rate is the fact we test everything upon receipt, and again on the way out the door.

Shipping Today

Your project or upgrade can't wait. Fortunately, our team of logistics specialists know how to deliver. We're packing pros, too. We'll make sure your IT purchase arrives safe & sound.


Every item contains at least a 90-day warranty. Please see description below for an exact warranty term.

Alta Tech stands behind our products, offering tech support, as well as replacement products when needed, or a refund for return.

Dell SNPMGY5TC/16GB 16GB PC3L-10600R DDR3-1333 2Rx4 ECC Memory Hynix HMT42GR7MFR4A-H9

Over 1 Million Parts!

Established in 1995, Alta Technologies has become one of the largest suppliers of enterprise IT equipment - from configured systems to features and upgrades. We have it in stock!