Why Are Used and Refurbished Servers Important?

Why Are Used and Refurbished Servers Important?

Used & Refurbished Servers Are Important Because:

  • Refurbished server equipment allows IT departments to maximize their budgets, and complete projects on time, often with even more compute and storage capacity available to deliver to users.

  • They offer an alternative supply chain when the manufacturers are facing raw material shortages and shipment delays.

  • You can meet sustainability goals.

  • Reuse is the highest form of recycling. By keeping another server from being manufactured, huge energy savings are realized.

  • By acquiring used or refurbished servers, you're able to extend the life of the equipment that is meant to be used and have a life capacity of as many as 15 to 25 years, according to manufacturer specifications.

  • Used IT equipment allows for legacy equipment to be extended, used and maintained for a longer time cycle.

The manufacturers may only wish to service computing equipment for five to seven years from the date of release but having the availability of secondhand parts not only supports the manufacturers but also independent maintainers to continue to either support their own equipment or to buy third-party maintenance contracts that will support their legacy hardware.

Refurbished servers can come in refurbished tower server format, rack mount server format, blade servers, or other form factors. These systems are going to be available in used or refurbished condition. Sometimes equipment can be available refurbished within six months of its release and then a decade or more. The secondary market for used equipment can support both the latest and greatest systems as well as legacy servers equally.

Summary: Maximize budgets with used servers! Affordable, sustainable, and extending equipment life up to 25 years. Overcome raw material shortages with alternative supply chains. Achieve IT goals with refurbished tower, rack mount, and blade servers, supporting both current and legacy systems.

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Author: Corey Donovan

Corey is a reuse advocate with 20 years experience in ITAD and serves as President of Alta Technologies, the gold standard for quality in testing and refurbishing servers, networking and data storage hardware, since 1995.

An active member of the Right-To-Repair movement, Corey also serves on the ASCDI Board, is a member of the Forbes Business Council, Vistage, SIA and UNEDA. He enjoys local adventures with his family and dog, Freya, near Minneapolis, MN.

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