What Is a Server and What Are Server Requirements?

What Is a Server and What Are Server Requirements?

What Is A Server?

A server is a physical piece of hardware that is very similar to, in some ways, a personal computer, but with enterprise manufacturing and capability, great processing power, extended space for disk drives, enterprise-grade motherboard and system bus capabilities, IO capabilities to serve heavy-duty workloads in a company (or for a specific purpose or software application).

Software applications and enterprise workloads are deployed and installed onto these physical servers to serve a specific organizational purpose. Servers may also be scaled up into server farms, data centers, and server racks in order to support the heavy-duty computing capacities required by a corporation, the central network, the central data center, or a server room of that company - to support all of their users and the software that is needed to run that computer network.

What Are Server Requirements?  

Server requirements are a list of requested specifications for the physical hardware required, in order to run a software application or business computing workload.

Oftentimes, the manufacturer, provider or author of the software application will provide a set of server requirements which are meant to be minimum server requirements.

While useful, these minimum requirements are just that, and not optimal or ideal server requirements, meaning a list of the memory, CPUs, hard drives, and other components of the server that an administrator should consider when ordering or building up a system to deploy their application on. These optimal configurations are designed for the best use of the hardware systems when paired with the application and/or business use case.

Summary: A server, akin to a powerful computer, is crucial for deploying software applications and enterprise workloads in organizations. Server requirements, often specified by software providers, outline the necessary hardware specifications for optimal performance in running applications or business workloads.

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