What Are the Best Refurbished Server Models?

What Are the Best Refurbished Server Models

Always a moving target, the best server models available on the used market are tough to pin down. While equipment can be available immediately after release, or years down the road… the sweet spot is often the equipment available just prior to a new launch, or one generation behind. This is equipment that still has huge demand and is becoming plentiful in supply on the secondary market.

Whether you are looking for the latest HP tower server refurbished, a refurbished Lenovo server or Cisco UCS, IBM, HPE or Oracle systems, there are many models we could choose for the “best” server models available today on the refurbished market.

Summary: In the ever-changing realm of used servers, the best selections frequently involve models introduced shortly before a new release or those from the previous generation. 

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Author: Corey Donovan

Corey is a reuse advocate with 20 years experience in ITAD and serves as President of Alta Technologies, the gold standard for quality in testing and refurbishing servers, networking and data storage hardware, since 1995.

An active member of the Right-To-Repair movement, Corey also serves on the ASCDI Board, is a member of the Forbes Business Council, Vistage, SIA and UNEDA. He enjoys local adventures with his family and dog, Freya, near Minneapolis, MN.

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