How Do You Refurbish a Server?

How Do You Refurbish a Server

Depending on who you speak with, a refurbished server HAS to be a system that has been fully reconditioned, yet to others, it could just refer to a used piece of equipment with no extra work done. The terms “used” and refurbished” are used interchangeably, but for this section, we'll refer to a refurbished server as one that's been cleaned and reconditioned.

When Refurbished Servers Are Cleaned:

The first step in the refurbishment process is that the servers are cleaned. Most resellers perform this step every time. All stickers and residues are removed from the outside server case. Any dust or dirt is removed that may have built up from its months or years of use in a server room or data center.

Refurbishing servers

Then, the equipment is broken down to its base configuration, often called a CTO chassis, which stands for “Configure to Order”. Next, each of the broken-down components is bagged in antistatic bagging and placed on inventory shelves for quick deployment - either for parts replacements, spare kit purchases, or to be used in another server build, configured exactly to the customer's requirements / specifications.

They Are Reset To Factory Settings 

After equipment is cleaned and broken down to its base components, the base systems are reset to OEM factory settings. This means a reset to the original equipment manufacturer’s original settings for that refurbished server. This reset allows the user to configure the server to their exact requirements and start with the piece of equipment, as if it had been purchased brand new.

Used Servers Are Supported by a Warranty

All refurbished servers sold from credible refurbished server resellers are delivered with at least a 90-day warranty (unless posted “as-is” or “for parts”).

The manufacturers themselves may have a remaining warranty on certain systems, depending on age. Always ask your provider.

Extended warranties, otherwise known as maintenance plans, may also be purchased for very little money. You can upgrade the warranty to a one-year, two-year, or three-year maintenance plan on that system for full peace of mind in your purchase, and ongoing support of your equipment.

Summary: The refurbishment process includes cleaning, breaking down to a base configuration, and resetting to OEM factory settings. Refurbished servers come with a minimum 90-day warranty, extendable for up to three years, offering buyers peace of mind and ongoing support.

Questions about Refurbished Servers?

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