Are Refurbished Servers Any Good?

Are Refurbished Servers Any Good?

When properly sourced, absolutely!!

In many cases, refurbished servers can outperform the reliability of new servers. A typical new server acquired from a manufacturer has a failure rate of approximately 1% right out of the box. Used servers from reliable providers like Altatech can be delivered with failure rates well below a half of 1%.

Why would that be?

Well, equipment that has been used in the past has already had experienced an initial burn-in period, especially during the first 90 days, where equipment typically fails.

These systems have already passed those key dates, and they continued to run and get pampered (maintained in a data center, or in an enterprise environment) - this equipment has been proven to be enterprise-grade and reliable. After this phase in, the refurbisher will buy the equipment from that user, gently and carefully package it for delivery to our technical center, test it upon receipt, and fully break it down to its base CTO chassis for quick deployment in the future.

At time of sale, the equipment then will be reassembled to meet the new user's specifications and tested once more. Ultimately, not only has the equipment been field-tested, it's been tested twice in our technical center, proven to be ready for deployment without fail, with full diagnostics run.

Our users find that the equipment they receive from Alta just works, and in fact, the majority put the refurbished equipment directly into production. Some users prefer to use refurbished equipment simply for test or development environments, or emergency spares or backups, or sometimes disaster recovery as a backup vault. Over and over and over again, we the majority of users deploying refurbished servers and upgrades into production environments.

Summary: Refurbished servers, when sourced properly, often surpass the reliability of new ones. Many users opt for refurbished equipment from Alta Technologies, finding it reliable for various purposes, including production, testing, development, emergency spares, backups, and disaster recovery.

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Author: Corey Donovan

Corey is a reuse advocate with 20 years experience in ITAD and serves as President of Alta Technologies, the gold standard for quality in testing and refurbishing servers, networking and data storage hardware, since 1995.

An active member of the Right-To-Repair movement, Corey also serves on the ASCDI Board, is a member of the Forbes Business Council, Vistage, SIA and UNEDA. He enjoys local adventures with his family and dog, Freya, near Minneapolis, MN.

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