Used EMC Storage Systems

Alta Technologies buys and sells new, used, and refurbished EMC Storage systems - from complete units - to drives, arrays, parts, and features for your existing Dell/EMC systems.

Since 1995, clients have counted on Alta's expert team of storage engineers, who fully test and certify all of our used EMC Storage systems, so you can be confident that you're getting highly reliable systems & parts that "just work".

From Unity Flash and VNXe to classic VNX systems, VMAX, Isilon, CX4, DataDomain and Isilon systems, we buy and sell all Dell/EMC equipment.

Request a quote on a configurable storage system, array or upgrade today. We also buy your excess Dell & EMC storage hardware.

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Refurbished EMC & Dell Storage for Sale

In addition to complete systems, custom configurations and attached data storage - we carry a wide range of parts for EMC storage, such as hard drives (Flash, SSDs, SATA), controllers, arrays, trays, cache, network adapters, and much more.

Alta understand that upgrading your storage hardware can be a daunting task for some - that's why we offer post-sale support to help you with any upgrade. We can help with everything from system configuration in advance of the sale to ongoing maintenance and support.

Have excess used EMC Storage equipment lying around or coming out of production? Alta will buy your excess Dell, EMC & NetApp storage equipment for cash purchase or trade-in. Send us your excess list today to get started.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does EMC still exist?

Until 2016, EMC Corporation was an independent entity, a global provider of products and services best known for data storage and other products and services that enabled businesses to store, manage, protect, and analyze data.

In 2016, EMC was acquired by Dell Inc., and the merged entity is commonly known now as Dell/EMC. The acquisition integrated EMC's data storage capabilities with Dell's broader technology portfolio, leading to the creation of Dell EMC as a part of Dell Technologies.

Dell/EMC now serves as the umbrella brand for most of Dell's data storage, information security, and data analytics products. While the EMC name is not used as a standalone company anymore, its legacy continues within the products and services offered under the Dell EMC brand.

How does Alta Technologies ensure the efficiency of used EMC storage hardware?

Every piece of used EMC storage hardware at Alta Technologies undergoes a rigorous refurbishment process. Our expert technicians inspect, test, and, if necessary, upgrade the hardware to ensure it meets our performance standards. By adhering to these strict protocols and using genuine EMC parts, we guarantee that our used storage hardware operates with the efficiency and reliability that you might expect from brand-new units.

What is the difference between Dell and EMC?

Dell is a broad technology company offering a wide range of personal computers, servers, software, services, and networking solutions. EMC, before its acquisition by Dell, specialized in data storage, cloud computing, and data protection technologies.

Now, as part of Dell Technologies, Dell/EMC is the entity that combines Dell's infrastructure and EMC's data storage expertise, delivering end-to-end solutions for data centers and enterprise IT environments.

What variety of used EMC storage equipment does Alta Technologies offer?

Alta Technologies boasts an extensive inventory of used Dell/EMC storage hardware, including systems from the VMAX, VNX, and Isilon series, among others. Whether you're seeking a complete SAN, a data storage tray, controllers or individual drive upgrades, our extensive inventory and product expertise will offer you the ultimate value for your equipment needs.

Are there cost benefits to choosing refurbished EMC storage from Alta?

Definitely! By opting for our used EMC storage hardware, you can realize significant cost savings, often up to 40-90% compared to new equipment. These savings are paired with our commitment to quality, ensuring you receive high-performance hardware without stretching your budget.

What is the Difference Between NetApp and EMC (Dell/EMC)?

NetApp and Dell EMC are both leaders in storage solutions, but they have distinct offerings. NetApp is renowned for its NAS and unified storage systems, excelling in data management and cloud integration. Dell EMC offers a broader range of storage solutions, including NAS, SAN, and object storage, with a strong focus on data protection and storage for virtualized environments.

While NetApp is often favored for its ease of use and efficiency in file-based storage, Dell EMC is recognized for its robustness and scalability in enterprise-level storage solutions.

At Alta Technologies, we provide both NetApp and Dell EMC storage hardware, catering to diverse IT infrastructure needs.

How does Alta Technologies support refurb EMC hardware after purchase?

Every piece of used EMC hardware purchased from Alta Technologies comes with a robust replacement warranty. Additionally, our dedicated support team is always ready to assist with any technical queries, configuration challenges, or other concerns, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience from purchase to deployment.

Can I be assured of the authenticity and reliability of the used Dell/EMC storage hardware from Alta?

Absolutely! At Alta Technologies, we prioritize transparency and trust. We source our used EMC storage hardware from credible corporate environments, ensuring the authenticity and reliability of each item. Our equipment is primarily sourced from corporate IT environments via decommissioning.

Furthermore, our rigorous inspection, audit, and testing processes validate the hardware, giving our customers peace of mind with every purchase.

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Since 1995, we've poured all of our efforts into delivering products that match our client's expectations and exceeds their price savings target.

With our huge inventory and industry-leading engineers, customers tell us they trust Alta for our reliability, custom configurations, parts responsiveness, lightning fast delivery and savings to boot.

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