Networking Hardware Shortages Got You Down? Here’s How You Can Fix It

Networking Hardware Shortages Got You Down? Here’s How You Can Fix It

Sep 1st 2021

If you manage any kind of business network or data center, it’s likely you’ve had recent issues sourcing new servers, storage, networking equipment or PC’s.

For months now, electronics supply chains have been hit hard by Covid manufacturing delays around the world, sometimes called the “chip crunch”. Getting necessary computer hardware has become an new and unwelcome challenge for many of the companies we support.

Samsung, the world’s largest computer-chip manufacturer, has warned of a “serious imbalance” in the semiconductor industry as global shortages cause disruption.

Industry insiders are expecting that shortages of critical processor components, fueled by a wider global shortage, are unlikely to ease until Q4 2021 or Q1 2022, with some suggesting they will continue well into 2022.

...and the current consensus is that the global shortage is worsening.

Some of our customers have found it challenging to find suitable alternatives to these vendors that can’t deliver in the required timeframe. Orders are going unfulfilled, and lead times are several months (or longer). No matter the industry, waiting “just a few months” for essential hardware isn’t typically an option.

If you’re experiencing challenges with technology and networking equipment shortages or delays, here’s something to consider:

Refurbished Networking Equipment

Have you considered expanding your search to include refurbished networking equipment, refurbished servers, storage, PC’s, notebooks, and related components?

If not, you might be pleasantly surprised at the quality and variety of what’s available (not to mention the cost savings).

Our Minneapolis warehouse, for example, holds millions of parts, including refurbished servers, storage, networking equipment, desktops and related components. We stock end-of-life systems, but also the latest flagships from major OEMs, and everything in between.

By considering refurbished equipment, you give yourself the option of getting custom-configured systems, upgrades and parts from all major OEM brands in as little as a few days.

What Does “Refurbished” Mean?

The term “refurbished” can cover a lot of different scenarios: returns, lease returns, decommissioned equipment, etc.

The refurbishing process varies from company to company. At Alta Technologies, all of our refurbished equipment undergoes extensive testing, with repairs as needed, to ensure the products function as intended, and are free from defects.

Can I Custom Configure Refurbished Equipment?

You sure can! A refurbished server can be custom configured to your specifications, after which it will be thoroughly tested, cleaned, and professionally packed.

Are There Product Guarantees With Refurbished Networking Equipment?

Yes. Refurbished equipment from Alta Technologies is guaranteed to work upon installation, will perform at the manufacturer’s published performance specifications and comes with our 90‑Day warranty.

If I purchase refurbished upgrades, features or parts, will they void my system warranty or hardware maintenance support agreement?

Most manufacturer warranties or hardware support agreements allow for the installation of used or refurbished components. In fact, it’s common for the replacement parts provided within maintenance support agreements to be refurbished and tested parts that were previously installed in another device. While this is usually the case, there are some exceptions. If you’re not sure if your systems can take refurbished parts, feel free to contact AtaTech’s team of experts.

Where Can I Buy Quality Refurbished Servers, PC’s or other Networking Equipment?

Alta Technologies’ Minneapolis, MN warehouse is stocked with millions of refurbished servers, storage, networking, desktops, and related components. We can get you custom-configured systems, provide upgrades, features and parts from all major OEM brands in as little as a few days.

We have been refurbishing IT hardware for over 25 years and are the largest distributor of its kind in the American Midwest, processing over 375 transactions daily. From our international logistics team and technicians to the smallest transceiver, everything is housed at our Plymouth location, just outside Minneapolis. If you need it, we have it.

We carry everything, from the latest OEM flagship models to refurbished and end‑of‑life products.

We offer

  • At least a 90‑Day warranty on refurbished parts and configurations
  • Thoroughly tested parts, guaranteed to work upon installation
  • 24/7 phone support
  • Support for systems abandoned by OEM

Don’t let supply chain or technology related shortages get you down, give Alta Technologies a call!

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