E-Scrap 2017 Recap

E-Scrap 2017 Recap

E-Scrap 2017 Recap

Posted on Sep 22nd 2017

As you may have heard, earlier this week, the Omni Orlando Resort in Orlando, FL played host to the E-Scrap 2017 conference. Of course, Alta Technologies was in attendance, sending a few of our sales representative to mingle, explore, and take in everything the conference had to offer on the industry and practice of recycling computer and IT equipment. Not only that, but we had our own booth as well, allowing all conference attendees to come over, say hi, and learn just what Alta Tech is about when it comes to refurbished computer and IT gear.

Mike Brokofsky and Don Osborn welcome interested attendees to our booth and chat them up.

At E-Scrap 2017, outside of welcoming interested individuals to our booth and our company, our sales reps had the opportunity to attend a myriad of industry events and workshop on the industry as a whole. These included help on increasing profit through recycling electronics, what to expect from the IT recycling industry in the future, and several helpful workshops for those just starting out in the e-waste industry. Each one is designed to provide useful information to help your business take advantage of the electronics recycling game while also providing details on keeping the environment healthy.

Along with the workshops, the conference held several sessions that incorporated helpful educational material about electronic waste and its impact on your business. These sessions were designed to explain e-waste and electronics recycling, procedures for such, incorporating it into your business, its growth over the past several years, its expected growth in the future, the many different forms and types of e-scrap, and much more. Held throughout each day, our sales reps were offered many opportunities to attend several of the sessions.

Don (left) and Mike B. (right) man Alta Tech's booth at E-Scrap 2017.

At the end of the day on September 20, E-Scrap 2017 came to an end and our sales representatives headed back to Minnesota. Needless to say, they not only had a great time, but they gained quite a bit of knowledge about the industry, and made new connections and solidified established ones with clients and other industry representatives. Needless to say, Alta Technologies will return next year. See ya then!

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