Data Center World Conference 2018

Data Center World Conference 2018

Data Center World Conference 2018

Posted on Mar 20th 2018

Last week, Alta Technologies attended the annual Data Center World conference held this time in San Antonio, TX. While there, our attendees got the opportunity to network with several AFCOM members as well as market our product to even more consumers and clients.

Data Center World is a data and IT professional conference that is held once a year for over 30 years to bring thousands of AFCOM members together for networking opportunities, as well as several vendor-neutral educational options from over 100 industry-leading speakers.

This year, many of the topics and educational opportunities focused on data center management and design, including security, infrastructure, modern strategies, risk management, digital transformation, talent acquisition, and much more.

However, it wasn't all about work. While in the sprawling city of San Antonio, our team members in attendance also got to experience the sights, sounds, and significance of the big city. Among the sights were the bustling populous at the River Walk, the night life, and much more.


Needless to say--but I will anyway--the Data Center World conference offered plenty of opportunities for fun as well as business. From the countless professionals we were able to network and chat with, to the great sights of San Antonio, Alta Technologies gained much from this experience, and are looking forward to attending next year.

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