25 Years of Alta Technologies

25 Years of Alta Technologies

25 Years of Alta Technologies

Posted on Jan 10th 2020

Back in March of 1995, four people decided to start their own company in the Minneapolis suburb of Plymouth, MN. One that dug into the still young computer, server, and IT game through buying and reselling. They named their business Alta Technologies. Since then, that small business has flourished in every way, from size and employment, to its mere presence in the refurbished IT business.

For many years following its founding, Alta Technologies was primarily a sales rep to sales rep style of buying and reselling, as was the norm for the industry. However, that all changed when Alta Tech decided it was time to make their presence on the web known. More customers meant more reach, and new ways to buy and sell were needed. In no time at all, Alta Tech launched its own website.

Soon after that, Alta Technologies began buying and selling on the eCommerce juggernaut eBay. Within just a few months, their sales profit increased by over 50%, and their customer base shot through the roof. Following that, Alta Tech launched on Amazon, as well, seeing a similar spike in growth that has continued to grow.

As more profit came in and more customers found Alta Tech, it became clear that a physical expansion was necessary. Walls were knocked down, more shelves were put up, and the warehouse grew, accommodating the need for even more space and more inventory. And as the company physically grew, so did the number of employees. What started as only four has blossomed into well over 50, including sales representatives, eCommerce, logistics, warehouse, and much more.

After 25 years, Alta Technologies has grown exponentially. And that growth is not slowing. What started as a small company in Minnesota has grown to the largest distributor of factory refurbished, servers, desktops, and related IT gear in the midwest. Thank you for joining us on this journey, and we hope that you stay with us as we continue on.

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